About Us

THE GARMENT FACTORY is a Nigerian contemporary womenswear brand founded in 2010 by Kokoma Ikpe-Gemade.
The Founder
The garment factory is driven by a desire to create special pieces for that exceptional woman who loves life and insists on looking spectacular while navigating her way through its unexpected demands.  
She is confident, she stands out but will not compromise comfort for style or vice versa.  Our pieces are a sweet balance of modern but timeless, functional and fun. We offer a classic take on current trends that transcend time, we are all about the most exuberant bursts of colour  interesting shapes and a great fit. Our philosophy is to create clothes that  make you feel bold and beautiful without sacrificing ease of life and comfort.
There are simply no rules… we make pieces that every woman can wear, will love and is versatile enough to be interpreted and styled to taste. The garment factory will seasonally curate standout, pieces that will either enhance or transform your wardrobe allowing you to become the chic, modern, bold and beautiful woman you know yourself to be.