The garment factory is a textile company based in Nigeria built on the juxtaposition of the traditional with the contemporary and modern. In staying current, we have merged the old with the new by producing traditional ankara and adire prints using unconventional and unexpected base fabrics. These prints have been a major part of our culture and tradition for very many years and have in recent times experienced a new found surge in popularity both locally and internationally.
We have decided to join the movement by adding our own unique twist with the introduction of these familiar prints in an array of fresh, new and versatile fabrications.


We pride ourselves in providing beautiful, premium quality products with top notch customer service to boot. We have been in business for over 4 years and have witnessed a steady rise in our clientele and product offerings. TGF is very proud to be part of an impressive and ever growing industry here in Nigeria. We hope to continue to motivate our colleagues to inspire, create, build and grow the institution that is the Nigerian fashion industry.


We currently offer an array of ankara and adire prints in moss crepe, plush georgettes, 100% luxurious silks, soft jerseys and very recently a very fine lush satin fabrication. These are very exciting times the for company as we now offer competitive wholesale options for resellers, along with our very own special, never before seen in house ankara designs.


In addition to our enviable catalogue of prints, we offer the option to produce custom one-of-kind prints for commercial use by garment makers, designers and also for special events that call for signature prints. tgf also offers a special one on one consultation service with our in house textile designer whom upon request will design your very own exclusive print. Our designer has many years of textile design experience and has worked with several renowned design houses.

For the above service, please send all inquiries to info@thegarmentfactory.net with the subject ‘special order inquires’